The 21st Animation Show of Shows (January 10 – January 16)

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on (January 10 – January 16)

The 21st Animation Show of Shows (January 10 – January 16)

January 10, 2020
January 11, 2020
January 12, 2020
January 13, 2020
January 14, 2020
January 15, 2020
January 16, 2020

The 2019 Animation Show of Shows has selected the best in animated short films from the world’s most renowned animation festivals, including three that have qualified for the Academy Awards. 



Since 1998, The Animation Show of Shows has selected the best in animated short films from the world’s most renowned animation festivals and presented them at the major animation studios to inspire their animators and directors. Curated by Acme Filmworks founder Ron Diamond, The Animation Show of Shows collection features 162 superb films that until now have received only a limited release or have only been available in expensive compilations. Now this dazzling collection is being offered exclusively in a deluxe set of 54 DVDs—available individually or in 9 boxed sets—for less than the cost of a download from iTunes. Acme Filmworks has long been known for its award-winning commercials by many of the world’s best animators, now presents an award-winning collection of some of the best animated short films of the last twenty years.


Critic Quotes:

“In my view, at least, the best short-form animation — like the most memorable short stories — is daring in perspective and malleable in interpretation.” – Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times


The annual “Animation Show of Shows” provides a welcome reminder that the art form can be used for more than CG studio features.” – Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times


I bet you've been wondering if there was going to be a 21st Annual Animation Show of Shows, well yes there is, and look…

Posted by The Animation Show of Shows on Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Complete Program (w/ Titles/Directors/Countries):

Kids – Michael Frei, Mario von Rickenbach, Switzerland 

Rubicon – Gil Alkabetz, Germany

Portrait of Gil Alkabetz (Rubicon)Marta Trela, Germany

Five Minutes to Sea † – Natalia Mirzoyan, Russia

Récit de soi (Self-Narrative) – Géraldine Charpentier, Belgium

Le jour extraordinaire † (Flowing through Wonder) – Joanna Lurie, France

Hounds – Amit Cohen, Ido Shapira, Israel

Portrait of Amit Cohen and Ido Shapira (Hounds) – Shlomi Yosef

The Fox and the Bird (Le renard et l’oisille) – Sam & Fred Guillaume, Switzerland

Daughter † – Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic

† – Qualified for Academy Award consideration


Runtime: 84 min

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

Director: See above

Country: See above

Languages: Various


A note from the distributor responding to parental questions of age appropriateness:

In my opinion, this program is very kid friendly as it’s a bit tough and uncomfortable at times but it’s also life affirming, funny, inspiring, purposeful and memorable. There is no sex or profanity. Spread throughout the program and like “life” in general, there are isolated incidents of interpersonal tension, hitting, shoving, sadness, anger, growling, barking, subjugation and retaliation. A burial at sea depiction, a transgender identity film, spoken French and Russian with subtitles, and of course, a wolf inexplicably and briefly has an oar stuck in its hindquarters.



Friday, January 10: 12:15 8:30

Saturday, January 11: 10:15AM 4:15

Sunday, January 12: 8:45

Monday, January 13: 3:00

Tuesday, January 14: 10:15AM 2:30

Wednesday, January 15: 8:30

Thursday, January 16: 12:30 7:00


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