3 reasons why Summer Workshops will help your creative growth

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on June 17, 2013

3 reasons why Summer Workshops will help your creative growth


Since 2011, I have worked off and on with the Media Arts Center a.k.a The Digital Gym as an instructor and Workshop Coordinator.  It’s been a great educational experience to see what and how we can provide you with the best environment to learn.  We have re-structured our workshops to provide the building blocks that will make each course as meaningful and inspiring as the next one.

For any questions regarding workshops, please feel free to contact me.  frank@mediaartscenter.org


Frank Luna



As children, our curiosity guides us.  We leap without fear.  As we get older, fear begin to sets in.  When we take on new experiences, we focus on what will go wrong.  Mistakes are good, mistakes help us progress.

With our workshops, we encourage  all to eliminate fear.   We do this by providing the right recipe to give you just the right amount of tools to learn quickly and effectively. Part of this recipe is giving our students immediate access toward having a Hands On Experience.  Therefore, you can feel free to push that button on a camera, or make an edit without knowing why or how you did it.  Whatever the case may be, you will learn.


“Hands on” gives practicality, it’s the tool.  Now that fear is eliminated, we can use the tools to accomplish our goals.  This is where we ignore what is right or wrong, and we simply “do”.   Do what excites you, what interests you and finish your project with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


As being part of The Digital Gym community, the most rewarding is the people, the teamwork, and the collaborations.   Many of our students have gone beyond our workshops, and joined forces to produce films, documentaries and in some cases, successful businesses.   The Digital Gym is the center of learning, creativity and collaboration.  It’s a place for you, the beginner, the intermediate, and the pro.    Surrounding yourself buy those you can teach and those who are better than you is just the right formula for success and growth.


So, take a look at all of our Workshops for this week, as well as July and August.   We are offering weekly and weekend workshops on filmmaking, being a freelancer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.  We look forward to seeing you this summer at The Digital Gym.

Weekly Summer Workshops Weekend Filmmaker Bootcamp



For further information regarding our workshops, click here for Summer Workshops and here for our Weekend Filmmaker Bootcamps.

Thank you,

frank luna


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