Film Geeks Presents: CAGED HEAT


on Jan 27 (Film Becomes Available); Jan 31, 3:30PM (Discussion)

Film Geeks Presents: CAGED HEAT

January 27, 2021
7:00 pm
January 28, 2021
7:00 pm
January 29, 2021
7:00 pm
January 30, 2021
7:00 pm
January 31, 2021
7:00 pm

For 2021 Film Geeks SD is turning to the wildly diverse American Genre Film Archive for a year of virtual film screenings and discussions. We have broken down the year into four themed quarters: First Films, Cult, Horror and Classic Hollywood. Each month a film becomes available on a Wednesday and then there is a Zoom discussion the following Sunday at 3:30pm. We are working on lining up the guests for the discussions and more information will be coming.

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Film Geeks Presents: CAGED HEAT (Jonathan Demme, USA, 1974, Shout! Factory, Cult)

Dates: Jan. 27 (Film Becomes Available); Jan. 31, 3:30PM (Discussion)

Category: First Films


Easily one of the best-made examples of its kind, this women-in-prison tale is the debut feature from future cinema legend Jonathan Demme (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SOMETHING WILD, MARRIED TO THE MOB.)


Thrown into the penal hell of Connorville, petty criminal Jacqueline (Erica Gavin) fights against the ruthless inmates, a cruel warden (Barbara Steele) and her depraved staff. She forms an uneasy friendship with two hardened inmates; when these three unite, they seek escape, money and revenge.


By this time, Demme had already teamed with cinematographer / future collaborator Tak Fujimoto, who would later revolutionize the look of horror with SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Composer John Cale (formerly of the Velvet Underground!) also offers a stark, experimental blues-inflected score that sounds at times like Ry Cooder — and the story takes a number of odd turns including several strikingly surreal fantasy sequences, with Steele getting the best moment in a stylish cabaret number.



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Series schedule:

First Films

Available 1/27; Discussion 3:30 1/31 – Caged Heat (Jonathan Demme)

Available 2/3; Discussion 3:30 2/7 – Smithereens (Susan Seidelman)

Available 2/17; Discussion 3:30 2/21 – Dolemite (D’Urville Martin) BONUS BLACK HISTORY MONTH SCREENING with intro by David F. Walker to discuss the complex role of Blaxploitation

Available 3/3; Discussion 3:30 3/7 – Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (Alex Proyas)



Available 3/31; Discussion 3:30 4/4 – Bubba Ho-Tep

Available 5/12; Discussion 3:30 5/16 – ReAnimator (with a Re-Animator The Musical Reunion for Zoom discussion)

Available 6/2; Discussion 3:30 6/6 – Nude on the Moon



Available 6/30; Discussion 3:30 7/4 – The Addiction

Available 8/4; Discussion 3:30 8/8 – Piranha

Available 9/8; Discussion 3:30 9/12 – Centipede Horror (thank you brave souls for voting this one in!)


Classic Hollywood

Available 10/6; Discussion 3:30 10/10 – I Married a Witch

Available 11/3; Discussion 3:30 11/7 – Stagecoach

Available 12/1; Discussion 3:30 12/5 – To Be or Not To Be (Lubitsch version)

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