DGC@Home: Divine Love (Available Nov. 13)

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on Nov. 13

DGC@Home: Divine Love (Available Nov. 13)

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DGC@Home: Divine Love

It’s the year 2027 in this dystopian, fluorescent sci-film drama about Joana, a bureaucrat who convinces divorcing couples to stay together through her job. Her secret weapon is Divine Love, an evangelical cult she belongs to that mixes in a little swinging and group fun into its more traditional prayers and services. Joana herself can’t seem to get pregnant by her own husband, but in an attempt to save her own marriage, she prays regularly at a very unusual religious drive-in, looking for a miracle to help her conceive. Divine Love is an amped up, sexy and witty take on a future full of dance parties, ritualistic orgies, cults and fundamentalist Christianity, and a critique of today’s right-wing led Brazil.

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Critic Quotes:

“A lush, intricate sociopolitical commentary.” – IndieWire

“Shocking, wonderfully acted and surprisingly erotic.” -RogerEbert.com

“A thoughtful, intimate rumination on spirituality and sensuality.”– Screen International 

“The new age of Brazilian protest cinema begins here.” -Variety

Runtime:  101 min

Year: 2019

Rating: UR (For Mature Audiences, Strong Sexuality, Graphic Images)

Director: Gabriel Mascaro

Country: Brazil

Languages: Portuguese w/ English subtitles


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