The Hola Mexico Film Festival Tour 2019 Arrives at the Digital Gym Cinema! (October 11 – 17th)

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The Hola Mexico Film Festival Tour 2019 Arrives at the Digital Gym Cinema! (October 11 – 17th)

October 11, 2019
October 12, 2019
October 13, 2019
October 14, 2019
October 15, 2019
October 16, 2019
October 17, 2019

The celebrated Mexican film festival returns to the Digital Gym Cinema with 9 of Mexico’s recent hits and soon to-be art-house classics.


All Access Pass: 

Regular: Pay for 7 films, watch all 9! Price: $70.00. (Regular admission: $11.00 per ticket).


Individual Tickets:

Regular Admission: $11.00 // Students, Seniors and Veterans: $8.50 // Members: $7.50


Film selection includes:

Las niñas bien

Dir. Alejandra Márquez Abella. (Mexico, 2018, 93 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Ilse Salas, Flavio Medina, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Paulina Gaitan, Johanna Murillo

Tagline: Surrounded by extravagant luxury, Sofía de Garay (Ilse Salas) lives in a dreamlike cloud of opulence in 1980s Mexico City. When her husband reveals some harsh realities about their financial status, Sofia’s world comes crumbling down. 

Critic Quotes: “With this subtle drama about high-society social maneuvering, writer-director Alejandra Márquez Abella essentially transplants Edith Wharton’s thematic concerns to Mexico City in 1982.” – Chicago Reader

“Márquez Abella proves a thoughtful and measured filmmaker, filling her beautifully shot melodrama with subtle, but effective characterizations.” – Remezcla

“The Good Girls is a nice piece of social and cultural criticism, and Salas makes for a formidably icy matron. It’s a cool, contained effort.” – Screen International


Friday, October11: 5:30

Sunday, October 13: 3:30

Monday, October 14: 11:00AM

Wednesday, October 16: 6:10

Thursday, October 17: 10:25

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Mirreyes vs. Godinez

Dir. Chava Cartas. (Mexico, 2019, 109 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Daniel Tovar, Regina Blandón, Christian Vazquez, Roberto Aguire, Claudia Ramírez, Pablo Lyle

In this comedic examination of class and power dynamics in Mexican society, low-level office workers face off against a group of  spoiled and privileged friends for control of a shoe factory.


Friday, October 11: 3:20

Saturday, October 12: 10:25

Monday, October 14: 3:10

Tuesday, October 15: 5:30

Wednesday, October 16: 8:10


Ocho de cada diez

Dir. Sergio Umansky Brener. (Mexico, 2019, 108 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast:  Raúl Briones, Edward Coward, Noé Hernández, Adrian Ladron, Orlando Moguel, Daniel Schmidt, Mayra Serbulo

Two strangers unite in a quest for revenge against a system of impunity and crime that has claimed the lives of their loved ones.


Friday, October 11: 9:50

Sunday, October 13: 7:30

Wednesday, October 16: 10:30

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Si yo fuera tú

Dir. Alejandro Lubezki. (Mexico, 2018, 90 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Juan Manuel Bernal, Sophie Alexander-Katz, Sebastián Zurita, Rosa María Bianchi, Isela Vega, Anabel Ferreira

In this hilarious comedy, a feuding couple wakes up to find they have swapped bodies and must reconcile their issues or risk staying in their new bodies forever.


Friday, October 11: 1:20

Saturday, October 12: 11:00AM

Sunday, October 13: 5:30

Tuesday, October 15: 3:30

Thursday, October 17: 1:30

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La boda de mi mejor amigo

Dir. Celso Garcia. (Mexico, 2019, 109 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Ana Serradilla, Natasha Dupeyrón, Carlos Ferro

Julia (Ana Serradilla) sets out to break-up the engagement between the love of her life and his fiancée.


Friday, October 11: 11:00AM

Sunday, October 13: 9:50

Tuesday, October 15: 7:50

Wednesday, October 16: 1:20

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Dulce familia

Dir. Nicolás López. (Mexico, 2019, 104 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Fernanda Castillo, Florina Meza, Vadhir Derbez, Regina Blandón, Paz Bascuñán

A bittersweet comedy with a message of body positivity and acceptance, “Dulce Familia” follows five women from different generations all of whom have struggled with dieting, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and an insatiable sweet tooth.


Saturday, October 12: 5:50

Sunday, October 13: 1:20

Monday, October 14: 1:00

Tuesday, October 15: 11:00AM

Thursday, October 17: 5:50

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El ombligo de Guie’dani

Dir. Xavi Sala. (Mexico, 2018, 119 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Sótera Cruz, Érika López, Majo Alfaroh, Yuriria del Valle, Juan Ríos, Valentina Buzzurro, Jerónimo Kesselman, Mónica del Carmen

Guie’dani (Cruz) is a Zapotec teenager who moves to Mexico City with her mother to work as a housekeeper for an upper-middle-class family. There, their language is mocked, and psychological subjugation is inflicted. Yet, Guie’dani rejects the life of servitude and seeks her own identity through a friendship with another rebellious teen.


Saturday, October 12: 1:00

Monday, October 14: 7:50

Tuesday, October 15: 10:10

Thursday, October 17: 11:00AM

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Como si fuera la primera vez

Dir. Mauricio Valle. (Mexico, 2018, 109 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Ximena Romo, Alejandro Camacho, Paco Rueda, Vadhir Derbez

In this remake of Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates, a marine biologist tries to court the woman of his dreams– despite the fact that her memory is erased every night because of a car accident.


Saturday, October 12: 8:00

Sunday, October 13: 11:00AM

Monday, October 14: 10:15

Tuesday, October 15: 1:10

Wednesday, October 16: 3:50

Thursday, October 17: 8:00

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108 costuras

Dir. Mauricio Valle. (Mexico, 2018, 110 Min., Spanish W/ English Subtitles)

Cast: Kuno Becker, José Ángel Bichir, Ximena Navarrete

The pursuit of success and fame threatens the friendship of two best friends who grew up to be baseball all-stars.


Friday, October 11: 7:30

Saturday, October 12: 3:30

Monday, October14: 5:30

Wednesday, October 16: 11:00AM

Thursday, October 17: 3:30

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*All films are presented in Spanish with English subtitles



All movie screenings to take place at Media Arts Center San Diego’s Digital Gym CINEMA North Park, 2921 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104 (Off 805 Freeway, corner of 30th street & El Cajon Blvd).



Buy Movie Tickets

$11 General Admission / $8.50 Students & Seniors / $7.50 Members. Tickets available at box office or online.


Only at Digital Gym CINEMA San Diego!


CINEMA INFO / 619-230-1938

2921 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, CA 92104

(Off 805 Freeway on corner of 30th Street and El Cajon Blvd)

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