Film Geeks Presents: I Married a Witch

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on Oct. 6 (Film Becomes Available); Oct. 10, 3:30PM (Discussion)

Film Geeks Presents: I Married a Witch

October 5, 2021
October 6, 2021
October 7, 2021
October 8, 2021
October 9, 2021
October 10, 2021

For 2021 Film Geeks SD is turning to the wildly diverse American Genre Film Archive for a year of virtual film screenings and discussions. We have broken down the year into four themed quarters: First Films, Cult, Horror and Classic Hollywood. Each month a film becomes available on a Wednesday and then there is a Zoom discussion the following Sunday at 3:30pm. We are working on lining up the guests for the discussions and more information will be coming.


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Film Geeks Presents: I MARRIED A WITCH (Rene Clair, USA, 1942, Shout! Factory, Arthouse)

Dates:Oct. 6 (Film Becomes Available); Oct. 10, 3:30PM (Discussion)

Category: Classic Hollywood


Blissfully hilarious and romantic, I MARRIED A WITCH features great chemistry between Veronica Lake (SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS) and Fredric March (THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES). This fun romp from French master Rene Clair (LE MILLION) gives its seasoned leads a chance to break away from stereotypically serious roles (intense leading man and film noir vamp, respectively) and prove their comedic prowess.

Lake stars as an ancient Salem witch once burned at the stake, who returns to haunt descendants of the Puritans who let her smolder — namely aspiring politician March.  Lake concocts a love potion, but things get complicated when said potion works on Lake instead and she falls for March!


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Series schedule:

Oct. 6 (Film Becomes Available); Oct. 10, 3:30PM (Discussion)


Classic Hollywood


Available 11/3; Discussion 3:30 11/7 – Stagecoach

Available 12/1; Discussion 3:30 12/5 – To Be or Not To Be (Lubitsch version)

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