Italian Genre Cinema: After the Fox (March 8)

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on March 8

Italian Genre Cinema: After the Fox (March 8)

March 8, 2020

An Italian criminal mastermind, impersonating a film director, plans to grab the loot on a beach where a bogus movie is being filmed.


Synopsis: In order to receive a fortune in stolen gold bullion, master criminal Aldo “The Fox” Vanucci (Peter Sellers) needs a coastal location. So he poses as a famous movie director, using his drop-off point, a sleepy Italian town, as the “setting” for a new production. But the shrewd plan threatens to come undone thanks to Vanucci’s movie-mad sister, Gina Romantica (Britt Ekland), and the fictional production’s star: egocentric, nearly forgotten matinee idol Tony Powell (Victor Mature).



Runtime:  103 min

Year: 1966

Rating: NR

Director: Vittorio De Sica

Country: Italy

Languages: Italian w/ English subtitles



 Sunday, March 8: 1:00PM

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