DGC @ Home: Nuestras Madres (Begins May 1)

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on May 1

DGC @ Home: Nuestras Madres (Begins May 1)

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The Digital Gym Cinema may be closed for the time being due to COVID-19 concerns, but we are working with key distributors and studios to bring you DGC @ HOME, a “virtual theater” experience  featuring films we would normally program at our venue under normal circumstances. All you have to do is click on the purchase links below to have temporary access to our film programming. You can enjoy films from the comfort of your own home using your browser or the distributor’s app. This temporary solution ensures the sustainability of our beloved micro-cinema as a significant percentage of each purchase is passed on to us. Enjoy these amazing independent films and we hope to see you at the movies very soon!


Nuestras Madres (Our Mothers)

Guatemala 2018. The whole country is immersed in the trial of the soldiers who sparked the civil war. Victim statements come one after another. Ernesto is a young anthropologist working for the Forensic Foundation; his job is to identify the mis- sing. One day, while hearing the account of an old woman, he thinks he has found a lead that might guide him to his father, a guerrillero who went missing during the war. Against his mother’s wishes, he flings himself body and soul into the case, looking for truth and resilience.

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Virtual Ticket Price: $11.99

Platform Available on: Row8


Buy a Virtual Pass for the film using the Row8 link:


FAQ: here

Critic Quotes:

“You can’t look away or stop listening.” – Cinemanía

“…offers an example of remembrance and resilience.” – Cineuropa

Runtime: 77 min

Year: 2019

Rating: UR

Director: Cesar Diaz

Country: Guatemala, Belgium

Languages: Spanish w/ English subtitles

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