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on October 9

DGC@Home- Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Available October 9)

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A month after receiving a fatal diagnosis in January 2015, Oliver Sacks sat down for a series of filmed interviews in his apartment in New York City. For eighty hours, surrounded by family, friends, and notebooks from six decades of thinking and writing about the brain, he talked about his life and work, his abiding sense of wonder at the natural world, and the place of human beings within it. Drawing on these deeply personal reflections, as well as nearly two dozen interviews with close friends, family members, colleagues and patients, and archival material from every point in his life, this film is the story of a beloved doctor and writer who redefined our understanding of the brain and mind.

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Critic Quotes:

 OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE is a moving portrait of a man taking deep stock of his life with great satisfaction and verve.” – LA Times

“One of the surprising and moving lessons of this revealing film is how often the most gifted people are unappreciated.” – Hollywood Reporter

“This documentary is a treasure trove full of interesting bits and pieces many of which could easily provide enough material for a film in their own right.” – Eye for Film

Runtime:  114 min

Year: 2020

Rating: UR

Director: Ric Burns

Country: USA

Languages: English

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