Outside In (April 20 – April 26) – starring award winning actress Edie Falco

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on April 20 – April 26

Outside In (April 20 – April 26) – starring award winning actress Edie Falco

April 20, 2018
April 21, 2018
April 22, 2018
April 23, 2018
April 24, 2018
April 25, 2018
April 26, 2018

Award winning actress Edie Falco and Jay Duplass star in this touching drama directed by Lynne Shelton (YOUR SISTER’S SISTER) about a high school teacher who reconnects with her former student after his 20 year prison sentence.


After serving 20 years for the crime of essentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time, 38-year-old Chris (Jay Duplass) is granted early parole thanks largely to the tireless advocacy of Carol (Edie Falco), his former high-school teacher. As he struggles with the challenges of navigating the modern world as an ex-con, and with a fraught relationship with his brother Ted (Ben Schwartz), Chris ends up confessing his romantic love for Carol – a love that, given her marital status, Carol cannot reciprocate. Or can she? Carol longs for something her husband no longer provides. Meanwhile, Carol’s daughter Hildy (Kaitlyn Dever) befriends Chris, finding a kindred spirit in this awkward, tormented older guy.


Critic Quotes:

“The power of these performances is that you leave thinking that Chris and Carol are out there, somewhere, and you wish them well.” – Seattle Times

“This is an conversation- and character-driven film with an occasional eye for something more ineffable, but Falco and Duplass’s complicated, nakedly searching performances are the main event.” – New York Magazine

“Shelton has a knack for three-way relationship studies; she knows exactly how to braid together two characters in a way that comments insightfully on a third.” – Los Angeles Times

“Exploring big questions through small, intimate moments, “Outside In” is a love story that prioritizes patience and pragmatism over passion.” – New York Times



Runtime: 109 minutes

Rating: NR

Director: Lynne Shelton

Country: USA

Language: English



Friday, April 20: 10:00AM, 3:50

Saturday, April 21: 5:50, 10:35

Sunday, April 22: 7:50, 10:00

Monday, April 23: 11:00AM, 3:50

Tuesday, April 24: 1:05, 8:10

Wednesday, April 25: 10:00AM, 5:00

Thursday, April 26: 11:00AM, 3:50


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$11 General Admission / $8.50 Students & Seniors / $7.50 Members. Tickets available at box office or online.


Only at Digital Gym CINEMA in North Park!



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