Dolores Fonzi in Argentinian thriller “Paulina” (September 15-21)

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on September 15 – September 21

Dolores Fonzi in Argentinian thriller “Paulina” (September 15-21)

September 15, 2017
September 16, 2017
September 17, 2017
September 18, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 21, 2017

Dolores Fonzi (TRUMAN) and Oscar Martinez (WILD TALES) star in this unflinching drama that examines privilege, class, and the power of the judicial system when a young teacher and activist is sexually assaulted by a gang but refuses to give up her ideals in the aftermath.


Santiago Mitre’s PAULINA (an update of Daniel Tinayre’s La Patota) tells the story of a bright lawyer (Paulina, played by Dolores Fonzi) who leaves a promising career in the shadow of her politically-powerful father to work as a schoolteacher in a marginalized village in Argentina’s Northeast, on the border with Paraguay and Brazil. After leaving Buenos Aires behind and moving to a rural area, it becomes clear to Paulina that her work is going to be challenging; she speaks no Guaraní and her teenage students artfully parry her attempts to lift them into political consciousness. These uneasy encounters and subtly observed civics lessons echo disturbingly in the aftermath of a violent sexual assault by a group of young men. Paulina’s decisions in its wake, portrayed without judgment by Fonzi, mercilessly test her relationships and core beliefs.



Runtime: 103 minutes

Rating: UR

Directors: Santiago Mitre

Country: Argentina



Friday, September 15: 11:00AM, 5:10

Saturday, September 16: 1:05, 7:15

Sunday, September 17: 5:05, 9:15

Monday, September 18: 3:00, 7:15

Tuesday, September 19: 11:00AM, 5:10

Wednesday, September 20: 11:00AM,

Thursday, September 21:  1:05, 7:15



$11 General Admission / $8.50 Students & Seniors / $7.50 Members. Tickets available at box office or online:

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Only at Digital Gym CINEMA in North Park.

2921 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104.

(Off 805 Freeway on corner of 30th Street and El Cajon Blvd.)

CINEMA INFO: / 619-230-1938

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