Streetside Media- Sanglim Han





Me You Him Her Us Them is a video installation consisting of a number of empty boxes where the imagery of San Diego people is projected. Warping and masking the projected images, Sanglim employs 3D objects as screens. The surface of the boxes evolves into active video display and generates new perceptions along with new beauty and illusions. Her work invites people to take their time to think of their neighbors, the community they are within, and to discover something new amidst their everyday routines. 


Sanglim Han is a visual artist born and raised in South Korea who works and lives in Chicago. Primarily working in video and new media, her practice focuses on creating installation which prompts viewers to experience the angled and transient imagery in light of reality. Her works have been presented in various festivals and galleries in the United States, and she is currently a candidate for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



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