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“Boys Will Be Boys”

Bullying is far from new, but is it normal?

written by Danny Nguyen

Hello my name is Danny i attend Crawford High School. I am working at the media arts center this summer. The youth media coordinator asked me to choose a topic to write about that impacts my generation. I hope it provides insight to a problem that plagues both old and young.


     Before modern video games and online social networks bullying was seen as a normal part of growing up. Bullying occurred among siblings, peers, friends, enemies, and even among professionals. Siblings and peers bully each other because they want to make themselves feel better. Friends bully each other for fun or for other things, but a real friend won’t bully his friend. Your enemies bully you because you hate them or they hate you if one person says, “Hey, I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you my enemy” and acts like an adult or become tolerant of their enemies then that would never happen.You might be thinking how do professionals bully people. They’re professionals! Well, you just wrong think about the most professional place in the united states; yes the government, the government bullies other countries for political peruses or for our protection. They even bully us U.S Citizens, we have become victims of the government or the so-called people who protect us locally known as the police. The police believe it or not, have been bullying people, when they should protect and serve us. Bullying in the past used all kinds of violence and emotional pain to satisfy there needs to Hurting others for their benefit. This is cruel and unjust. In the past, they said, was an everything day thing and in school when someone did get in trouble or the bullied told someone the bully mostly didn’t get In trouble because the principle or the Punisher would say that in famous phrases “boys will be boys”. I don’t understand this phrase, it’s saying that this happens a lot so deal with it. They pretty much encourage bullying because now they think it’s OK to bully others because they don’t get into much trouble even if they get caught.


Today, bullying has taken shape in ways that we could have never thought. Online social media and online games is the new place where bullies can even reach into you the comforts of your homes to bully you. Its called cyber bullying, it’s the new thing now and people call themselves trolls or just like bullying people for the fun of it. An average person now spends at least 6-10 hours on the Internet or computer each day for work or entertainment peruses and at this time the average person will be putting 1-2 hours of their time on the internet. If it’s an online video game than it is Half their time playing that game. It is crazy to think that a bully can now bully you at home. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary without it you have nowhere to run, But There’s a clear way of stopping it; To stop playing games with those people, report them or just stop playing the game altogether. I know you will still have the problem with social media, but you can get rid of that by making a new account with only your trusted friends or stop using social media. I know it’s hard; The world is progressing so that you need the internet to thrive or to communicate across the world But if you truly want to get away from it all then remove social medias and games from your life.


In the Future bullying might come in a different shape and form or bullying can be eradicated from this world with everyone help. If everyone would become tolerant towards one another I strongly believe that we cannot not only eliminate bullying, but we can end wars, fights and racism in the world. Tolerance is all we need to stop everything bad in this world. Bullying is a world problem, but people don’t see it as one. A majority of people think that it’s a part of every day life and we should just cope with it. I say we shouldn’t’t tolerate that; We should take action by raising awareness to others that we need to change, or our children’s children will suffer because of us. Others say that bullying will never stop it will continue until our days end. I say with that attitude of course it is not going to change because you have already accepted it and are not doing anything to change it. I believe that anything can be changed for the better if a group or an individual stands up for what they believe and fights with all their might. If we don’t change a lot of innocent people are going to suffer because of senseless bullying. We shouldn’t’t punish the bully more like rehabilitate the by teaching them what they are doing is bad and teach them to become tolerant. By doing this we won’t put useless violence with violence. The world is in a serious need of change if we don’t change this the world is going to have to put of bullying and that is something I don’t want my children to experience, I want them to enjoy a happy fulfilling life to because the best in what they want to do. Not to suffer and pick the only option they think of to escape the clutches of the bully is by ending their existence in this world.


San Diego High Interns


Jose’s Experience

I enjoyed my time interning at Media Arts Center, I really learned a lot in terms of working with people and the process of video-making. Working here at MACSD gave me an appreciation and respect for the process of video production as a whole. Working on the two short videos about energy conservation really made me realize the amount of work that goes in to making something as short as a two minute video and how lengthy the process really is. I really enjoyed the environment and the people here at Media Arts Center, everyone was very relaxed and friendly which really led to me having a great experience here. I don’t think I could have asked for a better internship. In this video we interviewed a couple of people, including Councilman Todd Gloria, on what they do to conserve energy at home.

Joseph’s Experience

Media Arts Center, what can I say about my experience there. Among my other peers who had the opportunity to intern at various other businesses I feel like I got the best place to intern at. I learned so much things that I didn’t know before, from working the cash register and talking to people to filming and editing videos. Learning about the entire video production process gave me a whole to level of respect for those who do it for a living, it was hard enough filming and editing a two minute video, I couldn’t imagine the challenge of trying to make a full length movie. I looked forward to coming to work everyday, I don’t think I would have such a great experience anywhere else, not to mention they sell the best cookies I have ever tasted. In this video we asked a couple of kids from the Youth Media Camp on why saving the Earth is important to them.

Fabian’s Experience

I had fun time working at Media Arts Center,  I enjoy eating the cookies and the popcorn.


Former interns share their experience:

Jerry’s Experience


     When I produced “College Tuition” I was a junior in high school and there was a lingering sense of dread when it came to applying for college the upcoming September. When I did my research for what colleges I wanted to apply to, I glanced at the tuition and how outrageous it was to have myself and my family pay 13,000 a semester, or 29,000 a semester. While my father comforted me with the fact that they could manage as long as I got good grades in school and applied for every scholarship from here to the ends of the Earth, I worried about the other students. Some families just don’t have the financial ability to send their child to an institute of higher learning.

     I thought back to my time a Junior Model United Nations Delegate, where this one document was always referenced. It was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It had declared under one of its articles that education is to be made available to all humans. Well, unfortunately in my eyes, it doesn’t seem available to all humans. It may be available to those that are in the upper brackets of society and to those in the lower brackets of society. It may seem like a simplified view, but the wealthiest families had the money to pay for tuition, and the poorest of families received assistance from the government to pay for tuition. When it came to middle classes, some families make too much money to qualify for financial aid but not enough money to pay the bill for college.

     This was an issue. This means that a large majority of students coming from middle class families would be unable to pay for college, requiring them to take out loans, resulting in the 1.2 trillion dollar student loan debt across the nation.

     In my eyes, this is some serious social injustice. Education, like this country, should be free. It doesn’t matter what level, elementary or technical, primary or professional. Everyone deserves to have and education, even if they cannot pay.

Jerry, from High Tech High Media Arts intern at Media Arts Center San Diego.

 Jacob’s Experience

     My experience working with MACSD was absolutely amazing. This being my first work experience, I learned a lot about working in a professional environment. All the work I did felt meaningful to the company and I loved helping in anyway I could. The MACSD’s goal and ‘mission’ was right up my alley and I loved being able to contribute to something that I connect with so well. I felt that my Mobile Story turned out really well, I was excited to be able to create a video about something that I felt so strongly for. The creative freedom Lisa gave us made it even more fun. Writing a script came so easily to me, I loved the whole creative process behind the video. Everyone involved helped make the video loads better and their input in the interviews were very valuable. I loved every part of creating the video, from writing to editing and I am very pleased with the result. From working front desk to filing folders, I got a weird sense of joy. I liked being able to contribute to this awesome company and am very honored that they brought me in to work for them. All the employees here amazing individuals and I wish them well.

Jacob, from High Tech High International intern at Media Arts Center San Diego. 

Public Transportation: A Love Story

By Cynthia

public transport

         The biggest way for people to move around and get where they want to be is through public transportation. It may not be as good as having your own hot ride to show off and say “ Yup that`s right be jealous!”, but it`s better than nothing.There is really no where to start and end when there is just too much for me to type about this subject. For starters there is a whole lotta good and bad.

         Holidays, that’s a good place to start. Holidays bring most people happiness and joy, but when it comes to public transportation on a Holiday, the busses and trolleys are like Halloween town! The people are crazier than usual, they are sweaty and loud, and probably just as mad as you are! So we can all say thats a mutual feeling (riding with a whole bunch of oogie-boogies on the bus? No Thank you) that’s fair to say, but another thing is the time on Holidays. Can we all just go UGH!! it is just terrible, you have to wait for god knows how long, and when the bus or trolley comes you have to get on no matter how full that thing is (boo)!

          When it comes to public transportation to be clean it`s not too shabby. The seats are most of the time clean, as well as your surroundings so there really isn’t too much too big, BUT (there is always a but! Why!?) it’s all the small things that are really gross. Sometimes you walk in there and it reeks! You walk in and there is a bit of trash here and there. But there is some sticky substance that in your entire existence have not seen like ever.  We have all been in that situation when there is urine on the floor (talk about WHY IS THAT EVEN HERE!?) and you undoubtedly have to deal with the fact that it’s there and the smell since (sadly) no one cleans it! But as long as you get where you need to be right? (I hope you do)

          There are all kinds of people on the bus as we know from being the silent one to being the one that creates world war 3 (seriously it gets heated in there). There is always  that one person that screams and curses into thin air for no reason. For example on my way here to Digital Gym I was sitting minding my own business and out of no where this old man starts yelling about pretzels not having enough salt (He must be a pro i assume). I was a little scared because you never know what those people are going to do or say. There can also be nice people that just start a conversation for any reason, like if they see you have on a specific shirt they would say “Hey! Cool shirt I love Super Mario!” and from there a conversation starts (and maybe a new friendship). People can be mad and upset and a fight starts out of nowhere (or does it?) and it just makes people frightened, after all it is two strangers fighting and you don’t have any clue if they can do something a lot more crazier.

          Time, oh how precious it is to us human beings. Public transportation and time sums up to being all random! The bus can come late or early (early we all hope) and it is never really our fault! Or is it? Well not you but other people usually tend to make the bus or trolley late. It’s the people most of the time. Some occasions may occur when it’s all the bus drivers fault or the bus itself (that traitor!). We can yell and curse all we want but think now “will it really effect me in the next ten years?” so no need to be too upset its just a bus after all. We can also be to blame and say that we were just a tad bit late on getting out of the house.

           Therefore public transportation gives us mixed feelings and emotions. It can be there when your car breaks down and you have an important meeting with your boss, so you get on the trolley only to find out that its a surprise promotion party (I am proud of you so I shall clap). Or it could be the other way around (hopefully not). We shall forever have a love hate relationship with these fellow comrades.

Cynthia is a in her junior year at King Chaves High School and an intern at Media Arts Center San Diego. 


Taxes? What’s that?

By Jasmine Arreaga

       Taxes, bank accounts, interest, and loans are all terms that most American’s have to know eventually. Filing taxes isn’t an easy process to grasp. And often, adults don’t understand it, even after many years of paying taxes. So why is it that many high school students aren’t familiar with these terms, or at least have an idea of how they’ll impact their future? High schools should teach students about why paying taxes is important, and the steps to prepare for and file taxes. So why aren’t they? Schools feel the need to prepare students for a college education rather than prepare them for the real world.


      People are faced with having to pay a professional to file their taxes assist with their finances, simply because they don’t understand how to do it themselves. In high school, economics is an optional class; students are not required to take it. Often, colleges do not require it either unless you are an accounting major. Most students get their first jobs after or during high school, which will require them to pay taxes. I know I have focused a lot on taxes but paying bills can be difficult for many people. Students are faced with having to pay for the cost of going to college but often have a hard time managing their finances and end up in debt. Simply, because they just don’t know how.

      Wealthy American’s seem to understand how to manage their finances. When doing taxes it is likely that those who can pay professionals to do it for them will benefit from deductions and technicalities that will help them get more out of taxes and pay less. The less educated about filing taxes may forget to save receipts, claim deductions, make errors or spend money they don’t need to. The consequences for not understand how to properly file taxes can lead to people miscalculating and paying more or less which can also lead to tax fraud.

      Schools focus on math, reading, and writing skills, which are important for basic everyday tasks. But will I need to apply the quadratic formula to my real world experiences in the future? Probably not, however, doing taxes and paying bills will be in everyone’s lives, so why aren’t we taught in school.

Jasmine Arreaga is  a senior at High Tech High Chula Vista, class of 2014, and a Media Arts San Diego Intern.


The Terms & Conditions of Financial Stability

By Melanie Zelaya

      You go to school, you eat, you sleep, and eventually you graduate. You get a job, you pay bills, but it looks like you forgot about paying your taxes and how credit cards work. But it’s not your fault. No one in school taught you about filing taxes nor did they explain that having a credit card meant paying it back plus interest. These are the kind of skills that no one teaches us at school, but are essential to surviving in the real world as an adult. If students were taught these lessons while they aren’t faced with these sorts of issues, then adulthood would not be as complicated and full of financial troubles.

      Filing taxes is a skill no one can teach us unless we take a course on it. When someone becomes an adult and realizes that paying taxes is a part of being a law-abiding citizen, the person is struck with confusion and will not think to ask for help. This person may not have the money to pay for assistance either because a tax refund was the extra money being looked forward to. It’s an ultimatum. So it makes sense to instruct high school students on this matter early on before the IRS comes knocking on their door.

      Not only do students benefit from financial lessons, but the government does too. It would save them hundreds of dollars because they will not have to waste the time and effort to track them down in order to pay their debt to society. As adults, the students would also be use their tax knowledge for their own benefit by the way of tax deductions they learned about in school. Overall, our country would be better off learning about how to do taxes than learning how to find x in an equation.

     Adults are expected to understand basic money terms such as taxes, APR, interest, loans, stock, etc. In reality, they may understand what it is, but not how it works. Learning such things is something we take for granted unless we’re faced with a dire situation that requires us to gather up that little knowledge we have and make do with what we learned. It shouldn’t be that way. Schools should require students to learn these terms well instead of learning how to find an angle or analyze a book. Those are skills we may not need, so why is it that our educational system lacks the lessons needed to understand the terms and conditions to financial stability?

Melanie Zelaya is currently a senior at Crawford High School and will be graduating in the spring of 2014. She works as an intern at the Media Arts Center San Diego.
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