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Last Chance Indies: The Nightingale (September 6 -12)

September 6, 2019
September 7, 2019
September 8, 2019
September 9, 2019
September 10, 2019
September 11, 2019
September 12, 2019

Clare, an Irish convict serving a 7-year sentence in Tasmania, is left for dead following a vicious and inhumane attack on her family by her master, Lieutenant Hawkins. She enlists the help of Billy, an Aboriginal tracker, to guide her through  unforgiving terrain to enact retribution against Hawkins.


“The Nightingale” features graphic and potentially triggering acts of sexual violence towards women, violence towards children, and violence motivated by racism. We encourage you to read through the press notes and view the film in its entirety. This film presents complex issues and does not attempt to offer neat solutions to systemic issues of race, misogyny, sexual violence, or classism. While the film’s narrative is fictional, it is inspired by historical events. The film presents the opportunity to open up an honest dialogue about cycles of violence, the repercussions of colonialism, and the value of experiencing challenging, troubling works of art. While art can make viewers uncomfortable, it can also inspire reflection on the importance of empathy for our survival. For Press Notes Click Here. 


“It may not always be easy to sit through, but we’re nonetheless lucky to witness it.” – Slate

“A bleak, bone-splintering revenge thriller as lawless and unforgiving as the 19th-century Australian outback it’s set in…” – Entertainment Weekly

“Yes, the film is grim, but it builds a space where that darkness can serve a purpose.” – NPR

“It takes a bold and brave storyteller to begin these difficult and complex but urgent conversations.” – Guardian

“One of the most powerful films yet seen about the country’s colonial foundation and the cruelties that were an indelible part of it.” – Sydney Morning Herald


Runtime: 137 minutes

Year: 2018

Rating: R (for strong violent and disturbing content including rape, language throughout, and brief sexuality)

Director: Jennifer Kent

Country: Australia / Canada

Languages: English; Gaelic, Palawa kani w/ English subtitles


Friday, September 6: 8:30

Saturday, September 7: 8:30

Sunday, September 8: 8:30

Monday, September 9: 4:30

Tuesday, September 10: 9:30

Wednesday, September 11: 4:00

Thursday, September 12: 8:30


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