Spring 2019 Teen Producers Project Showcase

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on Check out 5 student produced films — ticket proceeds benefit Teen Producers Project equipment fund!

Spring 2019 Teen Producers Project Showcase

April 27, 2019

On Saturday April 27, 2019

Join us on Saturday April 27 at Digital Gym Cinema for two exclusive screening of the Spring 2019 Teen Producers Project films. All ticket proceeds go towards the Teen Producers Project equipment fund.


In addition to our film showcase, the Teen Producers Project will be hosting a Press Conference at 10:30 AM in the main lobby of the Digital Gym Cinema for their gambling awareness Public Service Announcement (PSA). Produced in partnership with Betting On Our Future (BOOF), a youth-led problem gambling awareness campaign supported by the California Friday Night Live Partnership through a grant from the California Office of Problem Gambling.


Following the press conference, the PSA will play along with the other Teen Producers Project films. Each screening will show the same films, to help accommodate our families and special guests.



Saturday, April 27 at the Digital Gym Cinema

10:30 AM: Gambling Awareness Press Conference

11:00 AM: https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/purchase/1566?siteToken=kzprsgynxk7cyv9bf6sknp7254

12:00 PM: https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/purchase/1567?siteToken=kzprsgynxk7cyv9bf6sknp7254


Introductory TPP Films (Documentary)

Touch Base, Get Help
A preventative gambling PSA aimed at youth that highlights the potential dangers of gambling through the story of a promising high school baseball player.

Little Saigon Lunar New Year Event
Khanh Le, the General Manager at Paris Bakery, speaks about the importance of the Lunar New Year celebration. The grate significance the Lunar New Year is to both her family and community. Featuring a performance by The Southern Sea Dragon and Lion Dance Association.


Advanced TPP Films (Narrative)

A Psychological Drama/Coming of Age short film about Mara, a high school girl who is dropped off at a park for a school botany project by her strange step-father Frank. She soon realizes that she’s being watched. When she finally figures out who’s following her, she’ll be torn on deciding whether or not to confront them.

Seven Minutes
A Coming of Age Dramedy short film about Emma and Eric, two middle school kids that are stuck in a closet together after being involuntarily chosen. They begin to learn a thing or two from each other and team up to crush the social injustices that come with painfully awkward 13 year old birthday parties.

Time Crimes
An action comedy about a time cop who doesn’t play by the rules finally gets paired up with a by-the-books rookie. They must work together to solve a time crime.

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