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  • Calling All Earthlings (December 7 – 8)

    on December 7 – 8

    Calling All Earthlings (December 7 – 8)

    Flying saucers, FBI agents, and a time machine meet up at the Integratron, a mid-century mystery dome in the desert that serves as a touchstone for all things alternative. In the 1950s, George Van Tassel, a confidante of Howard Hughes, uses alien guidance and Nikola Tesla's ideas to build a time machine. “Provocative… finds no

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  • All About Nina (November 30 – December 6)

    on November 30 – December 6

    All About Nina (November 30 – December 6)

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Common, and Kate del Castillo star in ALL ABOUT NINA, a powerful drama about a comedienne whose star is rising in the stand-up world but has to deal with traumas, both current and past.   “It's messy and raw and true.” -   “A striking and at times uncomfortably personal feature debut from writer-director

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