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The Digital Gym Cinema is San Diego’s non-profit art-house cinema managed by the Media Arts Center San Diego. We want to acknowledge, honor, and give gratitude to the Kumeyaay peoples, whose lands we occupy. Through the policies outlined here, we hope to create a transparent understanding of our operations with the communities we serve. The Digital Gym Cinema is committed to creating a safe and non-discriminatory space where everyone is welcome regardless of (and not restricted to) their gender, sex, race, ethnicity, age, disability, citizenship status, education, and/or beliefs.

Please review our policies below.

Films and Screenings

Please review our film descriptions for ratings and content warnings. Some of our films are unrated and we will do our best to advise about any potentially triggering subject matter. If a film is deemed to be appropriate for Adults Only, only individuals ages 17+ will be admitted to the screenings. A film playing earlier in the day is not indicative of its suitability for audiences of all ages.

The trailers we screen for upcoming films may be for films that are outside of the genre/rating of the film you are watching. Please anticipate about 5-7 minutes of trailers prior to each screening.

Our commercial loop will play as guests seat.

There are no assigned seats.

We have wheelchair accessible spaces.

We have caption devices available, as well as listening devices. These must be borrowed and returned after each screening. Our Exhibitions Team will check these out to you after you leave your ID and/or a credit card with us. These will be returned after the screening when you return the equipment.

DO NOT USE YOUR CELLPHONE  OR TALK DURING SCREENINGS. Staff members will ask you to remain outside the screening room if the issue persists, or ask you to leave.


Tickets purchased online are subject to a $1.00 booking fee.

There are no refunds or exchanges available for tickets that have already been purchased unless the screening is canceled.

Discounts on tickets are available for screenings that are NOT the first screening of each day or a Monday screening. Some special screenings may also not be discounted.


Only food from our concession stand may be brought into the cinema. Outside food is not permitted, regardless if the consumer has already purchased a ticket.


Large backpacks are prohibited from being in our screening room.


We will encourage guests to wear masks during screenings and will follow any state and/or local guidances regarding preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19. At the moment, we are not social distancing. Please be aware that these policies may change.

Service Animals

Only service animals are allowed at our screenings.

Banned Items

Weapons (not limited to guns or knives), drugs, cigarettes, smoking devices, materials containing hate-speech, and other harmful objects are BANNED from our cinema. You will be asked to leave if you brandish anything we deem harmful to the well-being of our staff and customers.


If a customer feels uncomfortable or threatened during their visit with us, we encourage them  to let us know immediately, or send us a note to describing the incident.

A  Final Note

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to the Digital Gym Cinema. If a patron is using hate speech, threatening or committing violence, or engaging in acts that jeopardize the well-being of our team and patrons, ruining a screening through their action,  we reserve the right to deny them  service and will ask them to vacate the premises.

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