"Selfies and Other Self Portraits"
By Mark Siprut

August 9 through October 15, 2014


Reception: August 9, 2014
6:00 – 9:00PM

Beverages, treats & more!


at Media Arts Center Digital Gym Gallery (in North Park) 2921 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104


The Digital Gym Gallery is available for viewing 7 days per week, 12pm­8pm.


Mark Siprut will exhibit a series of interactive multimedia spec portraits using video, photographs and audio. Come an experience the interactive game­like artworks at the Media Arts Center Digital Gym.


Mark Siprut is an Associate Professor of Multimedia in the School of Art and Design at San Diego State University (SDSU). He earned his BA and MA in Art at Humboldt State University and his MFA in Art at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mark Siprut is an educator, artist and designer. In addition to his formal studies in photography and printmaking, his current creative research is in time­base, interactive and electronic media. Mark’s current interactive work is inspired by his role as a single parent of two teenage boys, as well as his interest on body language, body movement, and dance. The interactive game like nature of his work is influenced by his parenting experiences and immersion into the electronic gaming culture, which is so popular among contemporary youth.


Mark Siprut contact:


INFO: 619-230-1938,

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