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Poster for 4th Annual Blue Water Film Festival

4th Annual Blue Water Film Festival

Opens on June 9

Run Time: 60 min.

4th Annual Blue Water Film Festival (June 9-10, 2023)

Tagline: The Digital Gym Cinema will be hosting screenings for the 4th Annual Blue Water Film Festival on June 9th and 10th!

Founded in 2020, the Blue Water Film Festival (BWFF) celebrates UN – World Oceans Day, every June 8th and promotes San Diego, California as a hub for marine science, naval exploration and an epicenter for environmental storytelling. BWFF’s year round screening, panels, and events help to cultivate a burgeoning family-based, environmental and military community in San Diego and around the world.  BWFF was founded by Greg Reitman to bridge the world of environmental activism and storytelling. It profiles a variety of events including film premieres and screenings, educational panels, high-level networking, social gatherings, and culminates with the Blue Water Awards Show.

For a full schedule of events and screenings, please visit:

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