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Babette’s Feast

Opens on May 22

Director: Gabriel Axel Run Time: 102 min. Release Year: 1987 Language: Danish

Starring: Birgitte Federspiel, Bodil Kjer, Jarl Kulle, Jean-Philippe Lafont, Stéphane Audran

Burke Lectureship Revival Film & Discussion Series (April – June, 2024)

The Burke Lectureship on Religion and Society presents the Burke Revival Film Screening & Discussion Series. The program probes religion & society themes imbedded in significant films. Images in these films exemplify the mission of Burke in ways that contrast and compliment the keynote Lectures. Moving images are the new Lingua Franca of our times and instill in our communications much demanded new avenues of perception. Film screenings are in the Digital Gym Cinema located at UC San Diego Park & Market location.

Film introductions & special presentations following each film will be led by Rev Scott Young, a Wesley Foundation (UMC) Campus Minister/Religious Advisor at UCSD. He is a member of the Center For Ethics and Spirituality and a Burke Lectureship Board of Governors member. He has taught Cinema Studies at Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles Film Study Center, and UCLA FIAT LUX program. He was a Co-Founder and Director of The City of Angels Film Festival in Hollywood. He was a Juror at the Berlin International Film Festival. His non-profit Culture Connection is co-sponsoring the Long Beach Tiny Film Fest.

Synopsis: Beautiful but pious sisters Martine (Birgitte Federspiel) and Philippa (Bodil Kjer) grow to spinsterhood under the wrathful eye of their strict pastor father on the forbidding and desolate coast of Jutland, until one day, Philippa’s former suitor sends a Parisian refugee named Babette (Stéphane Audran) to serve as the family cook. Babette’s lavish celebratory banquet tempts the family’s dwindling congregation, who abjure such fleshly pleasures as fine foods and wines.

Showtimes: Wednesday, May 22, 2024: 7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: $9 General Admission, $6 Member



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