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Poster for Bonkers Half-Assed Midnight: Black Christmas
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Bonkers Half-Assed Midnight: Black Christmas

Opens on December 3

Director: Bob Clark Run Time: 98 min. Rating: R Release Year: 1974

Starring: Andrea Martin, John Saxon, Margot Kidder, Marian Waldman, Olivia Hussey

First, it was Beer ‘n Bronson. Then came Beer ‘n Grier. Now, author Matt Rotman serves up SIXERS ‘N SAXON! 7 days, 7 films suggesting beer and food pairings for each film starring actor John Saxon. Follow the pairings on Rotman’s Bonkers Ass Cinema Twitter account starting Nov. 28 and climaxing with a theatrical screening of BLACK CHRISTMAS on Dec. 3 at Digital Gym Cinema.

Credited as one of the first slasher films, Black Christmas will mark the inaugural Bonkers Half-Assed Midnights… half-assed because we’re starting at 11pm. Bonkers Ass Cinema and Film Geeks SD will start programming almost midnight movies on select Saturdays throughout 2023, and digging deeper and deeper into Bonkers Ass cult territory.

Black Christmas, which has been remade twice, is set at a sorority house during the holiday break as the young women are stalked by a stranger. The perfect antidote to all the holiday cheer.


Follow along with Sixers ‘n Saxon:


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