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Poster for Hold Your Fire – Opens May 27
Watch trailer for Hold Your Fire – Opens May 27 Watch trailer

Hold Your Fire – Opens May 27

Opens on May 27

Director: Stefan Forbes Run Time: 93 min. Rating: Unrated Release Year: 2022

Tagline: When Shu’aib Raheem tried to steal guns for self-defense, it sparked the longest hostage siege in NYPD history. Harvey Schlossberg, a police psychologist, was brought in to diffuse the situation in the hopes of using words, not guns, to resolve the crisis. This riveting documentary makes strong present-day implications for the necessity of police reform.

Synopsis: In 1973, four young African-American men stealing guns for self-defense were cornered by the NYPD. Could visionary police psychologist Harvey Schlossberg convince his superiors to do the unthinkable –  negotiate with “criminals” – and save twelve hostages from a violent bloodbath? In never-before-seen film and eye-opening interviews, HOLD YOUR FIRE, has the potential to revolutionize American policing.

Content Advisory: Archival footage includes police brutality; racist language

Critic Quotes:

“A fascinating case study in how deadly it can be when police officers simply refuse to see the big picture.” –

“A searing look into a little-known moment in history with profound repercussions for how we understand policing today.” – IndieWire

“A jawdropper.” – The New York Times


Friday May 27, 2022: 3:30, 7:35

Saturday May 28, 2022: 12:00, 6:40

Sunday May 29, 2022: 2:00

Monday May 30, 2022: 1:00

Tuesday May 31, 2022: 3:00, 7:40

Wednesday June 1, 2022: 1:00, 5:35

Thursday June 2, 2022: 3:00

Ticket Prices: $12 Regular / $10 Students & Seniors / $9 Members



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