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Poster for Cinema Secreto Local Filmmaker Showcase: Huyendo

Cinema Secreto Local Filmmaker Showcase: Huyendo

Opens on August 25

Run Time: 83 min.

This screening is presented by Cinema Secreto and will feature a talk back with San Diego filmmaker, 480p.

Synopsis: After a party ends in a tragic death, a gay couple race against the clock and a vicious drug dealer to find out why a life-saving ambulance was never sent.

Director’s Statement: “Huyendo” is shot and constructed in a way where past traumas from Angel’s life keep colliding and appearing in his present. Visually, he physically and mentally can’t escape his past. This collapsing world of anxiety keeps him from growing and causes his destructive behavior. We hope to inspire resentful young people trapped in the past to learn from Angel’s story, when in the end, he escapes the past by facing his past traumas and emotions truthfully. We made the choice to shoot the film on a tiny homevideo MiniDV camcorder to take on the thesis of independent filmmaking head on: Can a truthful story be all thats needed to capture an audience? Can you actually make a feature for $15,000 and no resources? Do you need a high tech camera and equipment? Or is all you need a vision and an authentic team that believes in it?


Friday, August 25, 2023: 5:30

Ticket Prices: $10 Regular

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