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Poster for Proud American – Screening & Fundraiser
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Proud American – Screening & Fundraiser

Opens on July 6

Director: Fred Ashman Run Time: 109 min. Release Year: 2008

Starring: Andrew Ramaglia, Hayley Chase, Jonathan Banks, Kimberlin Brown, Michael G. Davis

Join filmmaker Fred Ashman for an introduction and Q&A during this private screening of  his film PROUD AMERICAN.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.


Americans can trace roots to every country in the world. An American is of every  race, religion, nationality, size and shape. It takes a special glue to get people to  put aside classic national or “tribal” differences of origin, race and religion. That  glue is freedom, opportunity and a country where anyone can start with nothing  and make a far better life for themselves and their family.  

Just An American is film about real people and their hardships, dreams, failures,  triumphs, all in search of their unique “American dream.”  

Each storyline defines a uniquely American experience.

Facing violence, bigotry, poverty, language barriers, loss of family, or a life  shattered by injuries; finding courage, honor, friendship and generosity are realities  in the lives of these real people.  

All are reminders of what can be achieved by ordinary people in a free society.  Proud Americanis a drama which chronicles the American experience  through four compelling true stories of ordinary people, immigrants and native  born. Each story unique yet typical of so many who seek to make their own  American Dream. 

Ticket Price: $15.00 



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