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Poster for The Dead Don’t Hurt
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The Dead Don’t Hurt

Opens on July 5

Director: Viggo Mortensen Run Time: 130 min. Release Year: 2024

Starring: Danny Huston, Garret Dillahunt, Solly McLeod, Vicky Krieps, Viggo Mortensen

Synopsis:  In the 1860s, fiercely independent French-Canadian Vivienne Le Coudy (Vicky Krieps) embarks on a journey with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Viggo Mortensen), attempting to forge a life together in the dusty town of Elk Flats, Nevada. When Holger decides to go fight for the Union in the burgeoning Civil War, Vivienne must fend for herself, which isn’t easy in a town controlled by a corrupt mayor. Written and directed by Viggo Mortensen, this epic Western romance deconstructs the notion of a linear timeline that is usually associated with the genre.

Friday, July 5, 2024: 4:30
Saturday, July 6, 2024: 12:00, 7:15
Sunday, July 7, 2024: 2:30
Monday, July 8, 2024: 4:15
Tuesday, July 9, 2024:  2:00
Wednesday, July 10, 2024: 4:30
Thursday, July 11, 2024: 7:00
Friday, July 12, 2024: No shows
Saturday, July 13, 2024: 1:00
Sunday, July 14, 2024: No shows
Monday, July 15, 2024: No shows
Tuesday, July 16, 2024: No shows
Wednesday, July 17, 2024: 4:15
Thursday, July 18, 2024: No shows

Ticket Prices:$13 Regular / $11 Students & Seniors / $9 Members


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