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Poster for ¡Viva Maestro! – Opens May 13
Watch trailer for ¡Viva Maestro! – Opens May 13 Watch trailer

¡Viva Maestro! – Opens May 13

Opens on May 13

Director: Ted Braun Run Time: 99 min. Rating: Unrated Release Year: 2022 Language: English, Spanish w/ English subtitles

Starring: Gustavo Dudamel

Tagline: Superstar conductor Gustavo Dudamel faces the test of a lifetime when social unrest erupts in his Venezuelan homeland.

Synopsis: Conductor Gustavo Dudamel sets the music world afire with his original interpretations of the greatest symphonic works. He is named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People” and serves as music and artistic director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Amidst social unrest in his native Venezuela, he devises an innovative concert that celebrates the power of art to renew and unite.

Critic Quotes:

“It takes you on an emotional, uplifting journey across many countries and through civil unrest, with music ultimately winning out over dark forces that would otherwise challenge and limit free expression and art.” – Globe and Mail

“In Dudamel’s case… what you see is what you hear, and that’s what makes him and the movie riveting.” – LA Times


Friday May 13, 2022: 3:05, 7:25

Saturday May 14, 2022: 3:05, 7:25

Sunday May 15, 2022: 1:00, 5:20

Monday May 16, 2022: 3:05, 7:25

Tuesday May 17, 2022: 1:00, 5:20

Wednesday May 18, 2022: 1:00, 5:20

Thursday May 19, 2022: 3:05, 7:25

Ticket Prices: $12 Regular / $10 Students & Seniors / $9 Members



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